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{CALL TO ACTION} Prune your Pocketbook in June

Awake Americans Director Scarlett Johnson posted a now viral tweet on Saturday May 20, 2023 discussing why she is done with shopping at Target stores. With over 1.8 million views on Twitter, her tweet was amplified by the Daily Wire, Matt Walsh, and Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Just days later, Target has announced they are pulling back some of their sexually charged inventory which is often directed towards minors. Undeniably, they are facing a boycott crisis.

Funny enough, "budweiser" (to budweiser something) is now a verb that applies to the rejection of any product or company that is in conflict with a consumer's values.

According to the Ads 101 article titled Moms Hold The Power of the Purse,

"Moms represent a whopping $3.1 trillion dollar consumer market annually in the US alone."

It is in this vein, that Awake Americans is proposing a "Prune Your Pocketbook In June" initiative. It's really quite simple. This applies to anyone, not just Moms-though they are the powerbrokers here.

Consider these questions and shop accordingly.

  • Who is NOT going to get your dollars because their mission isn't in line with your values? (Who will you "budweiser"?)

  • Who IS going to get your business?

  • Are you supporting companies that sexualize and exploit children?

  • Do you "need" to buy it?

  • Are you willing to adjust your shopping routine?

Please share this tweet and let us know how you'll prune your pocketbook in June.


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