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Woke 101 Recording and Toolkit

The full recording of Woke 101; Is Marxism in America? is available for you to view and share. The follow-up Courageous Conversations Toolkit may be downloaded here.


0:00 Event Intro, Awake Americans Board of Directors

12:07 Noelle Mering

46:19 Dr. James Lindsay

1:26:37 Xi Van Fleet

2:10:14 Charitable Pledges

2:15:44 Audience Question and Answer with Speakers

2:37:13 Closing Remarks, Awake Americans Founder Shannon Adcock

Thanks to all who supported and attended our launch event on June 12, 2023 at Hotel Arista in Naperville, IL. The feedback has been off the charts positive and it's clear everyday Americans are waking up. Awake Americans founder Shannon Adcock opened the event by stating "To love American you don't have to be stiff of uptight. Right now we're at a time where we need to be a little more rock and roll."

The three speakers of the evening offered some of the most amazing empowerment rally calls that are a must-watch. Please view and share with your contacts and consider making a tax-deductible donation at

Noelle, James, and Xi answered the following questions:

What is"woke" ideology?

Is Marxism in America today?

Is it possible to navigate courageous conversations with our fellow Americans?

How can we as everyday citizens best defend American principles?

Download and utilize this toolkit for continued empowerment on how to have courageous conversations that will uplift American principles in your community.

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