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Bishop Robert Barron | Hillsdale College 2023 Commencement Address

One of Awake Americans' goals is to speak truth via "courageous conversations". Bishop Robert Barron delivered a beautiful commencement address at Hillsdale College on May 13, 2023 where he discussed truth, courage, philosophy, and biblical idolatry. We highly recommend you watch and share it to awaken others into inspiring advocacy.

"I think it's very important for us to join together in this common cause against that common enemy."
"There's the question, young brothers and sisters, my fellow graduates today. What kind of soul will you have? What kind of person will you be? Will you do whatever it takes to get what you want? Or will you accept even great suffering in order to do what is right? Everything else in your life will flow from how you answer that question.
"At which alter will you worship?"

-Bishop Barron, 2023 Hillsdale College Commencement


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